What is a Facilitator?

A facilitator guides change processes in companies and organizations or for individuals. A facilitator initiates, guides, supports and encourages.

In becoming facilitators, trained managers, coaches and consultants first explore their own attitude to change. They learn to deal with conflicts and the unforeseen with intuition and “mindful attentiveness”. They learn to think and orient themselves to the potential emerging from the future.

Only this self-understanding allows facilitators to transform themselves and others securely in uncharted territory emerging to the future. Facilitators create a protected space for teams, in which they can and should present and discuss issues and their complexities – the content as well as any emotions that may arise. Hidden and buried knowledge, concerns and visions come to light and can be seen, be heard and be felt.

Clarity emerges through shaping sustainable solutions for the future. The broader view gained and brought to the surface through facilitating enables comprehensive high quality solutions to be envisaged and designed and performance excellence to be gained from the emerging future. This skill will ever increasingly become a core competency required for successfully leading and empowering staff in our world of ever growing complexity.