Values and Benefits

We Strengthen Responsibility

  • We integrate and involve your staff very early in the process and encourage each person’s readiness to be involved. This will make it easier for you to implement and apply change.
  • We recognize resistance and are aware of concerns very early; these can be sensed from the attitudes and the knowledge people have. Although detours may occur, it may, in the end, prove to be the better and faster path to your goals.
  • We contribute our knowledge of emotions, processes and issues and make it easier for you to deal with change by making it “normal”.
  • Like playing an organ, we can pull various stops: we provoke, structure, and represent your staff in hot spots; we normalize, translate, polarize and integrate. We help you to gain new perspectives, to learn new skills, to communicate at the meta level, to create ease and humor, and frequently we act as catalyzers. We are always considerate in how we work with you and your staff. The benefit for you is progress and success in further developing your organization.
  • We ensure that an organization or a company does not overextend or push itself beyond its limits. This is reflected in health statistics.
  • We get to the facts in situations where “alpha leaders” tend to lock horns. The benefit for you is less friction in the process.
  • We also focus on strength and pride, not just on problems. This creates enthusiasm for one’s own successes.