Theory U

Our Guiding Principle, Our Method

The guiding principle of our facilitator training is the Theory U model developed by Claus Otto Scharmer, a sociologist and researcher who worked at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston. He studied how change processes were designed in order to ensure successful and sustainable change. He wanted to find out how successful leaders acted in comparison to unsuccessful ones.

Scharmer once said: “In order to access those deeper layers of learning and collective intelligence, leaders need a new ‘social technology’ which can move and tune three instruments: an open mind, an open heart and an open will.”

Based on these and additional insights, Scharmer developed “Theory U” as an approach for considering current changes arising from an emerging future. This approach assists in identifying potential for developing future-oriented, sustainable concepts and allowing it to come or simply letting it come.

Theory U aids in guiding a person or a group through several steps of inner and external awareness. It is an invaluable tool for us – and for training facilitators.  The model designs and shapes the path of change and serves as a “guardrail for developing change” during the process. A rapidly increasing number of leaders have come to value Theory U as a guide for their work when change is needed.