School of Facilitating – The Team

The School of Facilitating is a team of trainers and facilitators who have developed a new approach for initiating and leading change processes.

The school is led by Barbara Zuber and Renate Franke.

Facilitation is based on the conviction that everyone in an organization has an “inner picture” of what the future looks like and what needs to be done. How to tap into this treasure chest is what the School of Facilitating teaches.

The School trains techniques and creates training experiences that make knowledge and visions more visible, audible and touchable.

  • It offers certified training courses for becoming a facilitator.

  • It guides change processes in organizations.

  • It provides in-company training tailored to your organization.

  • It is a think-tank and a knowledge platform for facilitators.

The Attitude Connecting Us as Facilitators

Where we work there are no “teachers and students”, rather an attitude of “with each other”, which we use for identifying potentials and supporting developments for moving forward. No process is ever the same. Everything we have learned and experienced over the past two decades flows into our attitude and contributes to how we approach new projects. We remain curious and love to design and to guide processes because we do not consider ourselves to be theorists rather we understand ourselves to be “crafters” of change.

born 1965, lives in Berlin
born 1955, lives in Berlin