Renate Franke

born 1965, lives in Berlin

Renate has had a life just as mobile and varied as the constructive ways she has found to deal with it. It is exemplary how she discerns people and situations and can, with the people involved, discover the right way for designing the future. Facilitating for her is the best attitude and approach to choose, and the Theory U model is a great guiding principle.

The core of Renate’s work is to empower people to discover their own potential and to motivate them to use their own potential for their own personal success as well as for that of their entire organization.

Career steps: a degree in business administration, an Erasmus scholarship for the Haarlem Business School of International Management, positions in public relations and marketing at Kyocera Electronics and a Managing Director position at an institute for advanced education.

Renate co-founded the consulting firm, Franke von Oppen GbR, and has been working as an independent trainer, coach and facilitator since 1995.

Renate is one of the founders and Co-Chair of the School of Facilitating.

franke [at]