Leading Successfully – Attitude and Authenticity

During this era of digital revolution, complexity, ambivalence and uncertainty have become a permanent part of our lives as managers and leaders. Companies and organizations have realized that optimization, control and driving decisions from the top down are not the proper tools in change processes. In the Anglo-Saxon part of the world facilitating has widely been established and has gained acceptance in the past two decades. Now facilitating is increasingly being recognized in Germany as a new philosophy of participation at decision-making levels.

The main idea is that authenticity, emotion, trust and mindfulness play key roles in facing the unknown in change processes.

When can facilitating support change processes in your organization?

  • If your company is planning a change or if a current process is stuck

  • If your organization feels an invisible “block” in the air that cannot really be identified

  • If a liberating new start should reach everyone

  • If your team feels an undefined conflict is growing

  • If your strategy has not been internalized by others

Facilitating supports everyone involved in a complex change process to trust their own intuition, to sharpen their perceptions and to develop their own personal attitudes, so that in the course of the change process they will take responsibility and constructively shape the process together.

Read more about the role of a facilitator and how we created our Room of Energy and Motion for Facilitating Change. We also explain how our work and philosophy draws from the “Theory U developed by Claus Otto Scharmer.