Getting to know us

Our Information Events

Information Evenings

We regularly conduct information events in order to introduce our training courses on “Facilitating Change” and to show who we are and how we work. For courses, dates and times, please call us at +49 30 – 32 60 13 66. We would be happy to arrange a personal appointment for you.


Presentations and Workshops

We are very happy when we are invited to give presentations and to conduct workshops at congresses and symposia. We can also come to you in your company or department and conduct a full-day event on a special topic. We offer the following as presentations and/or workshops for decision-makers, leaders and change professionals:

  • “Facilitating Change” – Introduction to our approach and presentation of our book.
  • “What is facilitating?” – Introduction of the basics of facilitating.
  • “Theory U” – Introduction of the basics of “Theory U” as a guiding principle for transformative change processes.
  • “Facilitative Leadership” – Staff-focused leadership and process competency as key drivers for the future.