Facilitative Leadership

Leading in a Dynamic Environment

Facilitative leadership is a key competency based on established leadership methods and experience and on expanding them. The goal of facilitative leadership is to be able to act flexibly with one’s own clarity and ease in our encounters with challenges today and in the future and also to win over others to use this approach.

Challenges may be:

  • Occurrence of frequent and rapid changes
  • Frequent changes in operational frameworks and conditions
  • High pressure put on innovating
  • High workload

What do you need?

  • An ability to build strong and resilient working relationships based on trust so that you can, together with your staff, deal with difficult and changing situations.
  • An ability to activate - the “IQ” – the intelligence of an entire team through sensing journeys in order to increase a team’s power to innovate.
  • An ability to reflect on oneself and to define one’s own positions in order to gain clarity.
  • An ability to clearly communicate what is important to you, to your staff and to your organization in order to be able to provide orientation.
  • An ability to deal with resistance and conflicts in order to keep up with the swift pace often demanded.
  • An ability to perceive dynamics leading to change early on
    in order to be able to stay on course despite crises.

Tailored In-company Trainings

We design facilitative leadership trainings tailored to your needs and requirements. We would be happy for you to contact us or call at +49 30 326 013 66.