Facilitating not Consulting - Our Approach

We Strengthen the Skill to Act

  • We assist people in identifying their common goals, in shaping the path towards them and in successfully achieving them.

  • We help people to share knowledge, to learn from each other, to discover issues together, to make good decisions and to act.

  • We ensure that the past is available as a resource of experiences and that the future flows into the process as a resource of possibilities.

  • We ensure that people are committed to their processes and take responsibility for their cooperation, their conflicts and successes. We take care to use ease, humor, clarity and reflection. We love common sense.

  • We know that changes occurring in organizations also require people to cooperate and to be personally ready for change.

  • Change processes are frequently started for strategic reasons or at structural levels of organizations that eventually wander around to reach the personal level of those involved — to their own role, to their own position and to their own change within the process. Part of the process is finding each other again and redefining how people are to cooperate with each other and to reorient themselves to the new alignment within the organization. This process is rarely linear; instead it follows its own laws. To know, to understand and to shape everything involved in such a process is the role of a facilitator.

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