Facilitating Change – Leading Change

Experience-based Training for Leaders, Project Managers and Consultants

In seven training modules, you can acquire the required expertise to design and to lead change and development processes in your company at the structural level as well as at the psychological level. Transparent, meaningful, successful!

Our training modules are designed for managers, human resource personnel, trainers, consultants or anyone who has responsibility for leading people and making decisions.

Managers learn social techniques that make it easier to clarify goals, strategies and visions. For yourself, your team or your customers, you may be able to open up new avenues and find more room for action.

Consultants and coaches use the technique facilitating as a method or a technique for finding clarity or it may be used as a meaningful additional element in guiding change processes.

Based on Theory U and the Facilitating Approach, the School of Facilitating created a training course for developing qualified Facilitators. The training course, Facilitating Change, goes far beyond consulting, coaching and ordinary facilitation approaches commonly used in change processes. The course has been recognized by the European Coaching Association (ECA).

For more information, please contact us: info [at] school-of-facilitating.de

Our Facilitator I courses are held either in Berlin, Bern (CH) or near Stuttgart and contain seven modules. Each module starts at noon on Thursdays and ends at noon on Saturdays. The entire training cycle is guided by 3 – 4 of our highly experienced trainers. For each module two trainers are always present and active.