Barbara Zuber

born 1955, lives in Berlin

Barbara has an inquiring mind for all topics relating to the personal development of human beings. At the moment her focus is on the topic of “thinking anew: mind, heart and hand as one unit”. Facilitating for her is an important aspect for leadership development as well as for building resilience.

The core of Barbara’s work as a facilitator is to empower people in organizations to successfully meet the growing challenges our chaotic times have been producing and to awaken a readiness for change.

Career steps: a degree in education for teaching English and geography at secondary schools, project head at a management consulting firm, Managing Director of the berliner team GbR for experience-based corporate development, trainer for corporate personal development measures.

Barbara has been working as an independent coach, trainer and facilitator since 1993.

Barbara is one of the founders and Co-Chair of the School of Facilitating.

zuber [at]