Advanced Facilitating Course

Training for Experienced Facilitators

We offer this course to those who have completed Facilitator I. This advanced training is based on and structured around the inner place we have developed in facilitating change.


Benefits to you

  • To master the skills and attitudes learned in Facilitator I
  • To hone your role as a facilitator in specific work contexts
  • To brush up and reflect on your own experiences together with facilitator colleagues
  • To explore the inner place of facilitating and to learn how to shape it on one’s own so that it can be applied anywhere ranging from discussions with staff, performance evaluations up to change processes
  • To expand the methods and tools you need and, in particular, to become the “right arm of the U” in order to strengthen the phases required for shaping the future
  • To strengthen your flexibility in dealing with the different phases of a process for both our own issues and those of groups or teams