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How is leadership changing? How do I lead change?

These questions are the core of our work.

While life around us is becoming ever more complex, demands on leaders and staff alike are steadily growing. Gone are the times when one simply planned and managed steps in a process at work. Leadership is now much more a process of adapting to frequent changes and to new influences.

Facilitating is an unconventional and highly effective method, which makes the many duties and tasks leaders perform easier. Facilitating helps to access intuition, expands awareness and builds the bridge between the differences in managing and leading. One’s own attitude develops into an invaluable tool for the challenging times of today’s world.

Those who have internalized facilitating techniques can establish a culture of leadership based on trust that assigns important roles to everyone involved in a change process. Challenges and uncertainties become positive, energizing forces that aid people in their developing sustainable solutions in their teams and for their processes.

Since its foundation in 2007, the School of Facilitating has been specializing in meeting this challenge and has been training people who strive to activate their underutilized personal resources for following their path more confidently in the future. Along with the classic training program for becoming a facilitator, we offer presentations on related issues for stimulating thought, and we can also come to you in your company and guide a change process. Learn more about us, our work and the facilitating method by scrolling through our website.

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